Our vision is a renewed world where everyone lives in vibrant communities.

We believe this is achievable by connecting executives and entrepreneurs across industries to create economic opportunities.

Our mission is to create unique experiences that expand personal and professional networks, enrich in-person interactions and empower community formation with long term engagement.

Dear Reader,

In the autumn of 2019, I was coordinating small group dinners with after parties in NYC with my friends from Cornell, Columbia and NYU’s Executive MBA programs. They were called ‘DinnerPaloozas’ and our very first blog post describes exactly what we were doing. Check out the blog post here.

Demand for the events increased and logistics for handling 20+ dinner parties on the same evening at different restaurants became unwieldy. So, I assembled a small team of co-founders, designers and engineers to create a product that would streamline the sign up process, automate the dinner group matching with machine learning algorithms, handle reservation logistics and connect guests to each other for improved communication channels. We boot strapped a minimally viable product and were about to go to market in April 2020, until COVID-19 happened. If you’re interested to learn more about what we built, please connect with me on LinkedIn to start the conversation!

As we decided to put the technology platform on hold, my advisors and I decided to invest in starting a podcast featuring members in our community. We also created a 3-month mastermind group curriculum to continue to execute our mission, which is to create unique experiences that expand personal and professional networks, enrich in-person interactions and empower community formation with long term engagement. If we succeed in our mission, we hope to realize our vision of a world filled with vibrant communities.

Vibrant communities to Koinos, means inclusive social environments that are diverse and offer equal growth opportunities for all. Inclusive environments are filled with respect, humility, an earnest listening of each other’s thoughts and embrace differences in opinions. Furthermore, growth in vibrant communities occur in personal, professional and financial areas of life, with all members of the community aspiring to live by The Golden Rule.

Although the future of dinner parties and networking events may be uncertain, I am sure that our vision will be realized and have staked my definite chief aim towards its fulfillment. It’s with great anticipation, excitement and joy that Koinos continues to exist so that we may bring vision closer to our current day reality.

All the best,

Sam Cho, Founder of Koinos

So Who Is Sam Cho?

As an entrepreneur, I’ve founded a consulting business which ran for 3 years, a charitable organization called Grace In Motion, which still exists, an e-commerce business that closed with the advent of Amazon, and a tech startup that connects transaction professionals in private equity capital markets. Although these ventures may not be considered ‘wildly successful’ in the eyes of many, there were invaluable experiences, relationships and lessons learned along the way that helped shape my personal, professional and spiritual life.

With a background in Information Technology, Psychology and Economics, I developed my career from a Consultant > Business Analyst > Product Manager > Project/Program Manager > Chief of Staff > Chief Operating Officer, with the most recent roles in a market leading FinTech company. I’ve attained subject matter expertise in Regulatory Technologies, specifically Customer Onboarding, Due-Diligence, and Anti-Money Laundering, and support the fight against financial crime, particularly with its cause and effects on human trafficking.

In between my entrepreneurial endeavors and career development, I am an active venture partner and angel investor, adviser to several founders and mentor small business owners that are part of the Queens Economic Development Corporation StartUP network. I also enjoy sourcing and investing in real estate as well as finding opportunities to exercise my MBA.

If you’d like to learn more about me, please check out the Prelude on The Koinos Podcast.